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General Skilled Migrant

Permanent Resident Visas

The are two primary visas in this subclass. Both result in permanent residency. They are points based. The points minimum is generally 60 However, if state nomination is required higher points and other conditions may apply.. 

It is necessary to have an eligible skilled occupation set out on the published list and you must be under 45 years of age. Points are available for English ability, work experience and, if your partner has qualifications, points may also be allocated. 

State or territory nomination or family sponsorship is also available under this category. 

The objective behind these visa programs is to to grant visas to those who will quickly be able to contribute to the economy. 

Provisional Visas

This visa is also points based. The applicant is awarded extra points if this subclass is chosen. One is obliged to work in regional Australia. The visa has a four year validity. 

This program is part of Australia's regional development program. Each region has its own criteria. 

However, this visa enables the holder, after prescribed period, and other conditions being met, apply for a permanent resident visa