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Resident Return Visas

Permanent Resident visas are only valid for five years. If you are a Permanant Resident of Australia you may be eligible for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) depending on the time spent living/residing in Australia. There are different categories of RRVs.  If you wish to travel outside of Australia, or you are already offshore, it is essential to apply for an RRV if you have held permanent residence for longer than 5 years and you do not have Australian citizenship.

Permanent Residence holders may be able to leave Australia for an extended period of time for personal reasons. The RRV may be available depending on the amount of time spent onshore. If, however, you have spent less than two years out of five onshore, you will have to demonstrate, personal, cultural, financial and familial ties to the benefit of Australia, in order to be granted an RRV.