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The Application Process

The application process is notoriously complex. The most appropriate metaphor for the, is to liken it to completing a complicated jigsaw puzzle. With various stake holders holding a number of pieces. Our job is to coordinate all parties in that they bring their price to the table when required.

We thoroughly assess your circumstances and therefore your application eligibility and assist in the preparation of all aspects of the application process.  We guide you through the various requirements including police or health checks and ensure that your application is presented in the best possible light to the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA).  The DoHA has the final word on whether a visa is or is not granted.

The first piece of the puzzle is conducting an initial assessment of your circumstances. Creating the border of the puzzle.   Next, we aim is to create a picture by exploring in depth your circumstances and your options.  Every visa application is unique. No two applications are ever really alike, being individuals with our own unique life experiences, circumstances, work, professional and business history. No two puzzles are the same .

Integral to the process is to assess character and health of all applicant and non-applicants who are members of one family unit. In place is a one fails all fail policy. Serious health issues and serious criminal records come into play. One must stress the word serious. A DUI is generally not considered serious. If one has had a visa refused or cancelled this will affect he application process. But is not life threatening.

Next, we consider the criterion of the visa considered best vis-à-vis your circumstances. As you meet these criteria so extra pieces are filled into your puzzle and the picture starts to take form.

The process from the applicant’s point of view is far from passive. A great deal of information, documentation, statutory declarations, qualifications etc are required. For example, degrees, transcripts, unabridged birth certificates and the list goes on. Complicating this portion is how the documents are presented. We will advise in detail how to go about this.

Don’t worry, we will complete all forms required. Your responsibility is to get the documents to us in time. In some applications timing is critical. Miss a date and all can unravel.

Once all the requisite information has been collected and reviewed and a decision ready application will be submitted to DoHA. Each visa category has its own time frame for decision-making; determined by the DoHA.

It is imperative that you are honest and open in your application; all documents and information provided to the Department, must be genuine. Serious consequences flow if false and or misleading information, or fraudulent documents are provided. ​

The final piece of this intricate puzzle is at the discretion of the Department. If the decision is positive the puzzle will be complete, and the visa will be granted.