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The Application Process

The Australian visa application process is notoriously complex. The most appropriate metaphor for the application process, is to liken it to completing a complicated jigsaw puzzle. We assess your eligibility and assist you to prepare all aspects of the application process.  We guide you through the various requirements including police or health checks and ensure that your application is presented in the best possible light to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).  The DHA ultimately has the final say on whether your visa will or won't be granted.

The first piece of this puzzle is to conduct the initial assessment of your eligibility.  Secondly, at our face-face-face consultation the aim is to fill in the picture by looking more in depth at your circumstances and your options.  Every visa application is unique. No two applications are ever really alike, we are all individuals with our own unique life experiences, circumstances, work, professional and business history. . ​

The next phase required is a thorough investigation of your and your family’s circumstances including medical and character requirements . This process, to a lesser degree includes non-migrating family members. At all times, this information will be held in strictest confidence; the applicant is at all times protected by the Code of Conduct. ​

The fourth stage, is to determine the necessary criteria for the visa subclass in question e.g. partner visas, skilled migration. Each category has its own criteria that must be met in order to be successful. Failure in one critical criteria may result in failure for all. ​

Once all the requisite information has been collected the decision ready application will be submitted to DHA. In most cases this is done online.  Each visa category has its own time frame for decision-making, as determined by the DHA. Some may be quite extensive. 

It is imperative that at all times you are honest and open in your application, and all documents and information provided to the DHA, in order for them to  reach a decision, are genuine. Serious consequences will flow if false information, or fraudulent documents are provided. ​

The final piece of this intricate puzzle is at the discretion of the DHA. If the decision is positive the puzzle will be complete and the visa will be granted. There are no guarantees.